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IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference 2015
Technologies, Systems and Application

University of Colorado
May 13-15, 2015 | Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

Basic technologies for wirelesss power transfer systems
  • Near-field (inductive, resonant) power transfer
  • Microwave transmission and beaming
  • Coils, resonators, and antennas
  • Power management and power electronics for WPT
  • EMC/EMI, shielding
Power transmitters and receivers for wireless power transfer systems
  • High-frequency power transmitters and devices
  • High-efficiency rectifying circuits and devices
  • Rectennas and rectenna arrays
  • Devices and techniques for energy harvesting and scavenging
Applications of wireless power transfer technologies
  • Mobile and personal devices
  • Home/industrial-appliances
  • Electric vehicles
  • RF-ID and electronic tags
  • SPS and space/aeronautic applications
  • Medical and biological devices
  • Standardization, regulations, and biological effects
Other device, system, or application topics

Venue Location

University of Colorado Boulder
Old Main Building - CU Heritage Center
Boulder, CO 80309
1600 Pleasant St.